Exam Startup Instructions

• On the day of your exam you will receive an email from the assigned proctor scheduled to administer your exam containing the information needed to connect to your computer and webcam remotely. If you don’t receive this email, please check in your junk/spam folder for an email from EXAM PROCTOR direct-connect@logmeinrescue.com.

• You are allowed two pieces of blank paper and a calculator while taking your exam. When your exam is concluded, you will be required to destroy your scratch paper.

• You are allowed a No. 2 pencil only. No pens will be permitted to be used during the exam.

• You will be monitored via webcam during your exam. Please present yourself accordingly in proper attire, and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

• The connection to your computer is made using an application which you will download to your computer. Directions on how to download this application will be sent the day of your exam from EXAM PROCTOR direct-connect@logmeinrescue.com. Once connected, our online proctor will communicate with you via a chat feature.

• The online proctor will ask you to show your ID’s and scan your desk and room. In other words, your webcam needs to be mobile enough to turn it 360 degrees so the online proctor can see the entire room.

• Students using built in webcams will be required to show the front of their computer monitor. Students may use a mirror or a cell phone set in selfie mode to do so. If unable to show the front of their computer monitor, the student will not be allowed to proceed to the exam.

• The online proctor will direct you to the instructions/policies pertaining to your exam; then set up your exam